I exist in harmony

I exist in harmony

Are you happy? You are living a balanced, harmonious life at every moment?

If your answers are yes, then DO NOT read on because you have achieved what is most important in a person's life…

If your answers are negative, you may want to continue studying.


You can be the best referrer to achieve harmonious operation.


There are many interpretations of harmony...

What we mean by harmony?

Let's look at the structure of a person and look for answers to the questions below:

– What can create a single atom and how?

– How many atoms does a person have? (Thousands of billions …)

– How many molecules are made up of man?

– How many cells does a person have? (many billions …)

– Let's move on ... Let's look at this in relation to humanity, the Earth, the universe, the universes...

Huh, we could do a good job of counting … The question now is what holds the parts together, what and how they allow them to function and work together?

Immediately you can guess that it might be a conscious energy system ... And the conclusion clearly is that:

our existence is based on harmony and harmonious cooperation.

It is worth to go even further and examine the functioning of the content

– Does it have unconditional acceptance and love?

– Does it have respect for the other, because he is part of the same?

– Does it have cooperation in there?

You probably agree that the answers are yes, that is to say, harmony includes them.

Penney Peirce's wording is thought-provoking

Harmony is the vibration of love that aligns and vibrates every vibration in life

We think:

Harmony is the basic function of the Wholeness, which is the balanced cooperation of the Whole and the Parts.

It is clear from the above statement that the Harmony of the Whole is a conscious energy that implements co-operation based on balance.


Non-harmonic operation is called disharmony, and if it persists, it is disharmony.

Are these human functions familiar?:

– concern,

– unhappiness,

– fury,

– fear,

– anger,

– despair,

– restlessness,

– anxiety,

– and we could go a long way…

Dysharmonic operations make a person's own life and those of others connected to it unpleasant, for which there are plenty of examples…

If the dysharmonic actions are long-lasting, they cause not only psychological but also physical symptoms and, as a consequence, disease.

Dr William Tiller

"all illness has its origin in a disharmony between the mind and spirit levels of the entity and that of the universal pattern for the entity. Thus healing at the physical or even the etheric level is only temporary if the basic pattern at the mind and spirit level remains unchanged".

Being in harmony

The conscious experience of:

I exist in harmony

The silence of the mind is recommended for the duration of harmony. When performing an activity that requires little attention, it is also possible to do the "background", which sometimes requires a few seconds. It's vital because you can be aware of what exists anyway, anytime.

Care of certain areas of life

If an area of living is operating in a significantly dissonant way, then it may be worthwhile to take care of that area, so live, that: as part of the whole, a given area also works harmoniously.

Further care options: change in attitude, thinking, feeling and acting, harmonious functioning in that area of life.

About frequency

Why is it important to live multiple times a day or for a lifetime?

– Living in the NOW is important in many ways.

1./ The experiences of the past are emotional, thought energies. If the present is harmonious, then the past appears in this medium. The experiences of the past can be confirmed, or if necessary, then harmonize. - This is the constant care of the past.

2./ Living in NOW confirms and records the basic operation. – This is the care of NOW.

3./ The quality and content of the present sets the foundation for the future. If there is harmony in NOW, that is the basis for the future. - This is the constant care of the foundation of the future.


The garden that the gardener constantly cares for is quite different from the garden that the gardener rarely cares for or even neglects ...

Due to the functioning of life, harmony and harmonic function are dynamic, changing almost every moment - that's why frequency is recommended.

Background of the existence in harmony

Being in harmony, I am aware that everything and all parts work in harmony and work together, I work in a balanced way.– I am well above the point of origin of potentially inhibitory, dissonant factors.

I approach the Wholeness, using a spiritual metaphor: staying at a higher level of consciousness and vibration - in other words, being fulfilled within myself.

My existence also implies that I exist in harmony with everything.

Every human being is unique, so it is personalized.

We shape our lives with our free will, both conscious and unconscious. His areas are mainly: fixed beliefs, templates, thoughts, feelings, attitudes and actions, and what and how we live

Explaining the subject and content of free will would be very long, we are just giving two thoughtful signals.

You may have heard of a case where multiple personalities exist in a given person. One example is: he loves eggs and the other gets allergic rashes. It is the same human body, but the functioning of the two personalities is different, so if one or the other is active, the body's reaction is different. How is this? - Attitude, fixed patterns also affect biological function

Let's look at another example.
- One man loves his fellow men. - How does it behave?

– The other man has a hard time carrying his fellow humans. - How does it behave?

Based on the above we can say that our beliefs and attitudes shape our lives ourselves ...

With the free will we can live and accomplish a great many things ... The good question is whether these are appropriate for everyone involved in our individual / collective life, ie are they harmonious?

If you want to know more about the background, we recommend the following:

New Energy makes living in harmony easy and efficient.

– Kryon: The Field 1, 2  teaching about the conscious energy system.

– Getting to know the Cosmic Lattice - 1, 2.

The effect of being in harmony

Individual effect

Are you familiar with the law of attraction? - The point is: what is active in a person, realizes what it is and / or attracts, whatever it is, anyone ...


Is it worth choosing what and how we should be active and what we should release or transform?

By adjusting to harmonious operation, human relationships are also being harmonized - potentially burdensome human games can be easily transformed and / or eliminated.

A man who works harmoniously is a pleasant partner on the Way of Life ...

If there is disharmony, or even illness, as a consequence, it may be resolved, or little care may be enough to resolve it.

Dr. Dawid R. Hawkins, according to scientific criteria (Source: Healing and Recovery), has stated that at a certain level of consciousness, self-healing processes are automatically triggered or illnesses are not created or, if they do, they are much easier to treat.

Existence in Harmony has a very high level of consciousness and vibration that goes far beyond the place where the disarming factors occur, so they become recognizable and easy to handle.

What cannot be changed now, its acceptance becomes natural, the disharmonizing effect is eliminated ... Acceptance is also an effective way, because it can be self-organizing ...

They are inherent in being in harmony and acting on it-

The body-soul-spirit works in a balanced way, so a person who works harmoniously is a liberated, happy, balanced, happy life, taking care of the factors that appear in his life easily. Diseases are either avoided or milder, and life expectancy increases.

It is based on the fact that the basic operation is different, some disharmonizing factors no longer work because there is nothing to do with ...

Is the opportunity encouraging? - It depends on how you transform yourself ...

Collective effect

The harmony of a person has a profound effect on his immediate environment, on earthly life and on Wholeness ...

In the present age, the harmonious co-operation of mankind is being realized - more and more people know it today. Know this and live by your own judgment

The importance of being in harmony

Being in the harmony of NOW has a harmonizing effect on the individual / collective past, present and future ...

This is a very important finding!

Being in harmony not only harmonizes the present life, but also the past, as knowledge remains for the future, -- as the future is shaped by itself and by the totality of life on earth ... It may sound unbelievable, but fact: we are the past and we are the future -- so it is important what is our existence in the NOW.

To understand this signal, we recommend the Akash and DNA topics.

The description was created

Self- essence inspired the description that we needed a simple, yet very effective way to maintain our quality of life. Here's how:

I exist in harmony