Our functions

In Harmony


As is the Inner, so is the Outer;

as is the Great, so is the Small;

as it is above, so it is below;

there is but One Life and Law;

and he that worketh it is One.

Nothing is Inner, nothing is Outer;

nothing is Great, nothing is Small;

nothing is High, nothing is Low,

in the Divine Economy

the Great Hermetic Axiom

In Harmony with Each Other and the World

Paradigm shift in the earthly life

What do the subtitles of “In Harmony with Each Other and the World” and “Paradigm shift in the earthly life” mean?

We know they may sound strange at first, so for a better understanding hereby we declare our essential thoughts.


In Harmony with Each Other and the World

Harmony lays foundation for the order of Completeness.

Everything and everybody is part of the of the Completeness.

Our individual and collective responsibility is to live in harmony with ourselves and the whole universe.

Paradigm shift

  • People are cosmic being, they have further rights and responsibilities than societies of the globe lay on them as “strawman” (legal entity created by law).

  • Individuals are part of micro, macro, global, universal and multidimensional systems. They exist in close effect and interaction with those schemes.

  • Existence in harmony in itself is a paradigm shift in the earthly life.

  • Individuals are responsible for their actions, they face with the consequences anyway.

  • People are meant to cooperate with each other. More knowledge comes with higher responsibility too, also with the basic obligation to help others.

  • People have essential right to obtain and use the collective knowledge.

  • People have essential right for a life worthy of a human being, based on the order of Completeness.

  • Conscious development is elementary in people’s life.

Our functions

We spread the knowledge how to live in harmony with eachother and with the world around us.


Our operation is originated from the above essentials.